Weed Control and Weed Removal Services in Frankston and Mornington Peninsula Victoria

Care For Your Garden is a team of trained and experienced professionals in weed control for your lawn or garden in Frankston and Mornington Peninsula Victoria. If you are looking for weed removal service for your property, Care For Your Garden team is here to help. For immediate assistance, please click phone number button below. We look forward to helping with your gardening and lawn needs. 



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We put our expertise and passion at the service of your property. 

Weed Control Services Frankston

Weeds are plants that develop in areas where they usually do not belong. Weeds come in a variety of forms and sizes. In the right conditions, they can grow in garden beds, cracks in the sidewalk or tiled exterior, gutters, and around structures. While being a problem to most, weeds are essential to a healthy ecosystem. That’s because they assist in stabilising the soil, provide nourishment for wildlife, and an origin of organic matter. The difficulty arises when weeds manage to overpopulate and compete with other plants; we would instead display in our garden. This is why you should give Care For Your Garden in Frankston a call for all of your weed and pest control needs.


Weed removal in Frankston
Weed Removal Service in Frankston

Weed Removal Frankston

Weeds in your lawn are more difficult to deal with as you may not see them until they have rooted themselves into the soil. The cause why so many people hire professionals for lawn weed removal in Frankston and Mornington Peninsula is to assure that the best approach is used so that it does not also kill your lawn. Pulling weeds from the ground the wrong way will not remove the whole weed, the remaining weed will likely re-grow and develop again. At Care For Your Garden we can prevent this from occurring, and we pride ourselves in being as precise as possible so you will not see that particular weed in your garden or lawn again!


Weed removal from lawn in Frankston

Weed Control Benefits

Are you struggling with overgrown weeds around your garden? You can not get much from your garden when your plants and flowers keep sharing nutrients with weeds. At Care For Your Garden we offer weed control service to help your lawn or garden thrive. 

We offer more services than weed control. We care for your garden too. With our top dressing and fertilising services, your garden will always be in top shape.

When you hire us to maintain your gardening service and lawn, here is what we can achieve for you:

The improved curb appeal of your home

Weed reduction

Allows desired plants to thrive

Beautiful and healthy garden and lawn

Better sales potentials of your home

Improved air quality around your home

Allergies are kept at bay


Weed removal service in Frankston

“We love our backyard now – previously we didn’t enjoy being there, but now all we want to do is spend time with our kids and family at the back. Thank you Care For Your Garden – you guys are amazing!!!  – Melissa E.

“The gardeners who completed the work were friendly and approachable.”

“They finished the work very fast and exceeded my expectations. We are delighted with the results and will gladly use their service in the future!” 

Nicholas P. 

Our Other Services

Hedging and Pruning

If you want your garden to look beautiful – hedging and pruning is an essential part of maintenance. When it comes to bushes, roses, plants, shrubs, fruit trees and small trees, hedging not only makes them look appealing, but it also optimises their productivity and extends their life duration. Your plants and trees need proper hedging (trimming) to ensure that the physical barrier provides protection which is much needed for it to have a healthy life.

Pruning, often mistaken for hedging, involves the removal of dead or loose or infected branches and it must be performed to protect the trees and scrub from diseases. We have the right kind of tools to deliver exceptional results in the shortest time possible. What we offer is full care for your garden. Tell us what your expectations are, and we take care of the rest!

Lawn Mowing

Our team offers high-quality lawn mowing service suitable for whatever your needs may be. We are here to listen to your requests in case you have them, or we can also offer our professional advice on what sort of mowing would best suit your garden or yard. We are fully committed to delivering the best and fastest possible mowing service. 

Lawn care is our passion; as such, we do all that is in our power to bring you the best possible results. We use modern professional equipment to help us get flawless results.
Furthermore, thanks to our experience, we can deal with any sorts of terrains. With the combination of skills and the best machinery, we can make any lawn look smooth as silk. So, if you require any sort of grass mowing services in Frankston Victoria and surrounding suburbs, make sure to contact us today.

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