Lawn Mowing Services in Frankston and Mornington Peninsula Victoria

Care For Your Garden is a team of trained and experienced professionals in lawn mowing services, lawn maintenance and garden landscaping in Frankston and Mornington Peninsula Victoria. If you are looking for lawn care and gardening services for your property, Care For Your Garden team is here to help. For immediate assistance and obligation free quote, please click phone number button below. We look forward to helping with your gardening and lawn needs.



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Your Local Frankston and Mornington Peninsula Lawn Mowing Experts

We put our expertise and passion at the service of your property. 

Lawn Mowing Frankston and Mornington Peninsula

At Care For Your Garden we are committed to providing the most reasonable and fastest lawn mowing service and professional garden maintenance in Frankston, Mornington Peninsula and surrounding areas. We offer first-class lawn maintenance service for any property, residential or commercial.

Lawn mowing on a seated lawn mower in Frankston Victoria

Custom Tailored Lawn Services

Your lawn mowing and gardening needs are different from everyone else, just like your property! Our team can adapt to any of your unique needs, or also provide our professional advice about how to best treat your lawn for your back yard, front yard and garden.

“We love our backyard now – previously we didn’t enjoy being there, but now all we want to do is spend time with our kids and family at the back.”

“Thank you Care For Your Garden – you guys are amazing!!! – Melissa E.

“The gardeners who completed the work were friendly and approachable.”

“They finished the work very fast and exceeded my expectations. We are delighted with the results and will gladly use their service in the future!”  – Nicholas P. 

Perfect lawn mowing job in Mornington

Lawn Maintenance Frankston and Mornington Peninsula

Do you have overgrown grass on your front lawn? Are you tired of spending endless hours during your weekends cutting your grass? Our seasoned team of gardeners provide affordable lawn cutting and lawn care services with quality tools, including ride-on lawnmowers, to deliver a neat and healthy lawn for your property.


Competitive Lawn Mowing Rates

With our competitive lawn mowing prices and expertise, our customers come back to us regularly to maintain their lawn and garden. Our professional lawn maintenance services save you time, allowing you to enjoy your weekends with your family.


Lawn mowing with a push lawn mower in backyard of a house in Frankston

Quality Equipment and Services

No job is too small – single jobs as well as long-term property management, providing a complete range of garden maintenance services such as gutter cleans, green rubbish removals, hedge trimming and much more. Achieving a perfect garden and green lawn is our passion; as such, we do everything possible to bring you the highest quality workmanship and commitment.

Our team uses specialised and modern lawn mowing equipment to help us get immaculate results for your lawn, and thanks to our extensive experience, we can deal with any sorts of grass cutting services on a regular basis. With the combination of abilities and the most excellent equipment, we can make any grass look smooth as silk. Give us a call to see how our team of local lawn mowing experts can transform your lawn into work of art.​

Quality Tools

Quality Services

Expert Team

Expert Results

Straight grass cutting in Frankston Victoria
Perfect mowed lawn in Mornington Peninsula Victoria

Lawn Care Promise

There is nothing better than green and healthy mowed lawn in your front-yard or backyard of your house. With our expert mowing services in Frankston, it’s easily achievable. Give us a call to eliminate worrying about lawn care and garden maintenance altogether by booking a regular visit with us. Care For Your Garden team will do the work whenever it is most suitable for you. We will complete our job on time, leaving you so you can enjoy the smell of fresh-cut lawn without the trouble of struggling with the lawnmower yourself. From green rubbish removals to hedge trimming, we will take care of any of your gardening services and lawn needs, so give us a call and see how we can help you today.

Perfect Lawn Mow on a soccer field in Frankston


Our Other Services

Lawn Aeration and Coring

Nothing improves the curb appeal of a home more than being surrounded by a beautiful and well-maintained lawn. Not only will a beautiful lawn increase the value of your home and boost its sales potential; it will also impress your guests. For any beautiful grass, you come across, be sure that a lot of hard work went into it. Keeping your front or back yard super-stunning is our business. Lawn aeration and coring is one of our grass care services in Frankston and Mornington Peninsula. We encourage all homeowners to consider grass aeration and coring because of the following benefits:

  • prepares your turf for a green spring and the dormancy that comes with winter.
  • It reduces water runoffs.
  • helps aids soil pH regulation.
  • reduces soil compaction for better airflow.
  • prevents the build-up of thatch (dead grass).
  • It helps to maintain the health of your turf. ​

​Hire us for your garden care, and you will no longer have to worry about your lawn’s condition again. Our charges are competitive, and our work speaks for itself. For more information about our services or our free quotes, contact us today, tomorrow, or anytime.

Lawn Fertilisation

Aside from our professional lawn mowing service, we offer additional sorts of lawn maintenance. One of the essential aspects of growing healthy grass and necessary to deliver beautiful results is grass fertilisation. Without the right kind and the right amount of fertiliser applied to your lawn, it is simply not possible to maintain the perfect yard.

We all want our grass to be of beautiful colour, thick, durable, and healthy. To deliver all of the listed qualities to your lawn, we use our expertise to use the best sorts and quantities of fertilisers, applied at the best time. However, to ensure the later, it is of high importance that you order garden and lawn fertilisation on time. But don’t worry, it is never too late; we can turn any lawn into something you’ll be proud of!

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